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Introduction to the essential oils & herbs through hands on experience, followed by an explanation on the use of each particular oil and herb; the hands on experience will involve the participants handling the oils and writing down the thoughts and emotions that each oil evokes.

The seminar will be interactive, whereby subjective experiences of the participants to the oils will be weaved in to the existing technical knowledge of the oil. This is done to help participants link an old memory or experience to the healing property and particular attributes of the oil through the use of emotive language.

We will go through each of the oils & herbs and impart useful information on how they can be used effectively to help with everyday stresses such as sleeplessness,  anxiety, menstrual tension/cramps, to name but a few.

The seminar will enable you to familiarize yourself with the oils, their attributes and how they can be of benefit to you, your family and your clients.



Athens Massage & Yoga Academy
Address 19 Mitseon Street, Acropolis, Athens ( 1 min from Acropolis metro station)
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Instructor Maria Lydaki, BSc, RSHom
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